Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cure for dark circles in Face

Dark eye reflect tiredness and lack of sleep. Here are some tips to get rid of dark eye circles:

Cure for dark circles in Face

1. Dip a cotton pad in cool water and keep it on eyes for 20 minutes.

2. Dip a cotton pad in cucumber juice and then keep it on the eyes for some time.

3. Keep a cool used tea bag on your eyes.

4. Wear sunglasses while going out in sun.

5. Almond oil is a best cure for discoloration. Massage eye with 1 drop of almond oil before going to sleep.

6. Apply dark circle removing cream that is rich in vitamin E and C. Apply a light coat.

7. If you need to go to a party and don’t want to show of your dark circles, use a concealor.

8. Keep crushed mint leaves for 20 mins in the under eye area.

9. Eat diet rich in Vitamin C and Iron. This will help reduce dark circles.

10. Apply a past of turmeric and pine apple juice in the dark circle area of the eye to get rid of the dark circles.