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Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Lemon Water Benefits

Lemon is one of the most inexpensive fruit that is available yet with number of Health Benefits and it is also easily available citrus fruit, popular for its culinary and medicinal uses. Lemon is used in making variety of recipes such as lemon cakes, lemon chicken and beverages like lemonade and lemon-flavored drinks.

Lemon, we all now that it is very rich in Vitamin C and t also contains vitamins like vitamin B, riboflavin and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium as well as proteins and carbohydrates. Lemon is usually taken in the form of lemon juice and lemon water. Lemon water when taken in the morning provides a great health benefits.

Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water
Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water
Good for stomach
Drinking lemon water helps in curing digestion problems when mixed with hot water. These include nausea, heartburn and parasites. Due to the digestive qualities of lemon juice, symptoms of indigestion such as heartburn, bloating and belching are relieved.

Lemon also acts as a blood purifier and also as an cleansing agent. Lemon water can also cure constipation and also acts as a liver tonic.

Excellent for Skin Care
Lemon is a natural antiseptic medicine which helps in curing many skin problems. The vitamin C present in the fruit helps in enhancing the beauty of your skin. It acts as an anti-aging remedy and can remove wrinkles and blackheads. Lemon water when applied on the burns, can remove away scars.

Aids in Dental Care

If you are suffering from toothache, then apply lemon juice on the areas. Massaging with lemon juice on the gums can also stop gum bleeding.

Cures Throat Infections

Lemon can also help in fighting problems related to throat infections, sore throat and tonsillitis as it has an antibacterial property.

Good for Weight Loss

One of the main and major health benefits of Lemon water is that lemon water helps in reducing weight faster. If a person takes lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water and honey, it can reduce the body weight as well.

Following are some of the benefits of drinking lemon water -
  • Blood Purification – Sweating purifies our bloodstreams.
  • Removes Toxins - A lot of toxins are thrown out from our body when we sweat.
  • Removes Built up in Nervous System – Drinking hot water also removes built up deposits in our nervous system.
  • It can actually remove toxins from the body.
  • Improves Blood Circluation – Drinking lemon water improves blood circulation.
  • Boost up the Immunity – When lemon and honey are added to drinking hot water, it will become tasty and boost up the immunity.
  • Constipation Cure – It is a very good remedy for constipation as it stimulates the bowel.

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